Change is now a fundamental part of organisational life

  • Moving HR and IT to the cloud
  • Hybrid work
  • Digitising customer interactions
  • Launching a new department
  • Entering a new market, merging with or acquiring a business
  • AI and big data are changing the game
  • …Included in, or in addition to, organisational transformation

But – you’re struggling to get traction, let alone ROI.

The solution isn’t to continue in the same way, hoping for a better outcome.

The solution is to become change-capable.

Learn what it means

What we do

We're different from other consulting firms. Instead of saying, "hand it over to us, we'll do it for you," we give you the skills, tools, and support to execute change yourself – brilliantly.

Change Capability Diagnostic

Benchmark your organisation’s change capability and get a plan to achieve your goals.


Apply a structured, research-based process to manage the human elements of change.


Everyone has a role to play in change. To fulfil their roles, your employees need the right skills.


We partner with you at the individual, team, project or organisational level to get you the results you need.


Software that makes it easy to plan change, measure and track people risks, and make the right decisions.

Why clients choose us

  • Meeting today’s challenges requires flexibility and a different way of thinking.
  • A large firm gives you what they’re good at giving you. We give you what you need to get the results you’re seeking. 

We’re a boutique change management consultancy backed by global partners.

You get the best of both: personalised, specialised focus – and better value – and worldwide expertise and resources.

We’re energised by solving new problems, and while we always strive for efficiency, we can bend the process when needed to get you the results you need.

Many of our clients are longstanding relationships. We’ve had the privilege of seeing some develop from newly certified PCI® Practitioners into Heads of Organisational Change or members of executive teams.

We care deeply about our clients.

We’re only successful if you are.

One of the most productive partnerships I've experienced

The partnership with Change Synergy has been one of the most productive I have experienced. They have been instrumental in advising our leaders, training our practitioners and guiding the way over the last few years. It's also been a lot of fun - with serious intent.

David, Change Management Lead

A trusted advisor

We have lots of growth-driven change and needed stronger change management capabilities. Change Synergy have been a trusted adviser to us on our change management maturity journey.

Phil, Senior Vice President Global Transformation

Experts in the field

I recommend Ian and the team for all things change management, they are experts in the field and are flexible and easy to work with on a bespoke solution that is right for you.

Janelle, Chief People Officer

I can pick up the phone to work through an issue

We started working with Change Synergy to build change awareness, knowledge and capability prior to the delivery of our transformation strategy. Change Synergy have been responsive to our requirements and willing to proactively connect us with articles, blog posts and coaching support that's relevant and useful to our situation. I value knowing I can pick up the phone and connect with the team to work through an issue.

Liz, Transformation Coordinator

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