There Are Three Things You Need To Do: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Ask five thought leaders their recipe for change success, and you’ll probably get five different answers. Ask five executives what they did right on their most successful transformation, and you might get five other answers. Major change is challenging, but there’s also little agreement on the most critical success factor. Some say mindset is the most important; […]

The Simple Rules of Executing Brilliantly

Innovation isn’t just popular, it’s good for business. As customers, we value innovation, especially when it enhances our self-image. (We’ll pay more for something if it makes us look innovative.)  If you ask people if they’d like to work someplace innovative, most people would say, “absolutely!”  When asked what it means to be innovative, most of us […]

Planning a Transformation Program? Avoid These Blind Spots

Everyone wants to find new ways to grow and stay ahead. Organisations are asking how they can transform their business, products and services. They want to innovate and create amazing new customer experiences. Cue the ubiquitous transformation program. Whether it’s digital transformation, cultural transformation, structural transformation or all three, it seems that nearly every organisation has […]