6 Benefits of a Change Capable Organisation

We’ve talked a lot about change capability: what it meanshow you can avoid change fatigue, and why it’s time to rethink our approach.

But what are the benefits of building your organisation’s change capability?

1. Create a competitive advantage

A change-ready organisation is agile and able to execute critical organisational strategies quickly, efficiently and effectively.

2. Improve employee engagement

Building change management capabilities at all levels of the organisation engages and empowers employees.

3. Deliver more successful change

A change-capable organisation achieves greater ROI and success rates.

4. Increase change capacity

The more efficient and effective the organisation becomes at executing change, the greater its capacity to manage increased change demand now and in the future.

5. Maximise financial investment

Organisations can save money by having the capability to plan and execute change themselves.

6. Access business and career critical skills

As change is the number one constant in today’s world, the initial investment in building internal change management capabilities can be realised many times over.

Simply put, change capable organisations are able to deliver changes faster, cheaper, more successfully and with less disruption.

How change capable is your organisation? 

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