Imagine a world where…

  • You set strategic goals and then execute on them – brilliantly.
  • Your legacy is delivering on strategy and implementing well.
  • Your project investments achieve their ROI, and if they don’t, you know why – because you’re tracking everything.
  • You have a system to check that your investments are the right ones and that they’re being delivered effectively.
  • Your organisation has the resiliency to change course when needed, even when time and money have already been spent.
  • Your executives understand that “if everything is a priority, nothing is,” and they have the courage to reprioritise and deprioritise when things change.
  • You’re getting the best out of your people by managing the change load alongside their substantive roles.
  • Your leaders and employees know what to expect because change projects are delivered consistently and achieve adoption.

It takes change capability

This means: a deeply ingrained ability to implement change well, in a way that improves business performance.

Learn how to do this

Change-capable organisations think and invest differently

The result is:

  • Change that’s smarter, not harder
  • Employees that embrace and adopt change
  • Investments that pay off
  • An organisation that’s agile and future fit.

Helping you do this is our reason for being.

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How we help you get there

Off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions that get you results that say, “we’re great at change.”

Change Capability Diagnostic

Benchmark your organisation’s change capability and get a plan to achieve your goals.



Apply a structured, research-based process to manage the human elements of change.


Everyone has a role to play in change.

To fulfil their roles, your employees need the right skills.


We partner with you at the individual, team, project or organisational level to get you the results you need.


Software that makes it easy to plan change, measure and track people risks, and make the right investment decisions.

A really significant shift in our organisation's change capability

Our organisation's change capability was low and we struggled to apply a consistent method and approach to supporting our end to end change projects.

By partnering with Change Synergy we were able to understand leading practice, define a preferred methodology in PCI and develop a group of enthusiastic and engaged change practitioners to utlise on our critical programs.

While there's always more we can do to improve, we have seen a really significant shift in our organisation's change capability. Our people can now experience the support that good Change Management brings and they have an appetite for more of it.

David, Change Management Lead


Change Synergy has been instrumental in growing the Change Management capability within ARTC. I’m excited to see progress in the journey from a culture of installation to implementation for ARTC initiatives.

Vincent, Change Manager

A trusted advisor

We have lots of growth-driven change and needed stronger change management capabilities.

Change Synergy trained our Transformation Team and some members of our HR & IT Teams. We're getting better at embedding change management into program planning and we're more focused on our Adapters' experience.

Change Synergy have been a trusted adviser to us as we begin our change management maturity journey.

Phil, SVP Global Transformation

Let's help you become change capable

Yes, let's build my organisation's change capability