AGL improves staff engagement by 61% and successfully delivers its ERP (re) implementation

Agility is essential for a company that supplies energy to millions of Australians.

In any given year, AGL is improving its IT systems, refining its work practices, and managing $5 billion of major capital works projects. Change needs to be in everyone’s DNA, because everyone has a role to play.

AGL’s then Head of Group Strategy & Finance approached us with a clear and simple brief: create an environment for change to work.

What we did

  • Built a business case for developing internal change capability
  • Worked with the executive team to define the level of change management maturity AGL needed to deliver on its strategy
  • Developed and agreed a plan to achieve this, with a goal that 70% of AGL employees are trained in their role in change
  • Built executive sponsorship skills
  • Trained leaders of all levels in their role in change
  • Formed change management centres of excellence across the business
  • Integrated PCI® with AGL’s project management framework, reporting and governance processes

The results, five years later

  • Staff engagement scores are up by 61% in three years
  • PCI® is intrinsic to AGL’s DNA, with staff at every level viewing change as “just part of what we do”
  • Approximately 70% of AGL employees, including executives, are certified in PCI®
  • Change management is a core competency requirement and a KPI for certain roles and business functions
  • Each business unit has certified PCI® practitioners
  • Then-CFO Brett Redman said their ERP re-implementation was the most successful implementation he had ever been a part of

“We used PCI® across a couple of key projects initially. It was a slow burn introduction but it worked extremely well. Not a single ball was dropped and the feedback we received was excellent, some citing it as the best workshop training they’d ever been to.”

– Brett Redman, AGL’s former Head of Group Strategy & Finance, CFO, Managing Director and CEO

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