There Are Three Things You Need To Do: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Ask five thought leaders their recipe for change success, and you’ll probably get five different answers. Ask five executives what they did right on their most successful transformation, and you might get five other answers. Major change is challenging, but there’s also little agreement on the most critical success factor. Some say mindset is the most important; […]

The Simple Rules of Executing Brilliantly

Innovation isn’t just popular, it’s good for business. As customers, we value innovation, especially when it enhances our self-image. (We’ll pay more for something if it makes us look innovative.)  If you ask people if they’d like to work someplace innovative, most people would say, “absolutely!”  When asked what it means to be innovative, most of us […]

How to Jumpstart Change Management in 10 Steps

In our experience, there are organisations with an aggressive project or transformation agenda that know that change management is necessary—everyone talks about it, so it must be important!—but they’re not sure what it actually means or looks like, or how to do it. via GIPHY These organisations typically fall into one of two categories: High […]

Accountability: The Missing Link in Making Change Stick

You’ve done all you can: documented everything, run training sessions at all hours, sent all your communications (mostly email, but hey―COVID), and the business teams said “yes” on the go-live readiness call. You’re ready for a post-project break. While many would feel they’re crossing the finish line, the change has only just begun. Implementing change is hard […]

Characteristics of a truly Change Capable Organisation

Change – An Organisational Imperative Change has Changed Defining Change Capability A Holistic Model of Change Capability Dimension 1: Leadership Commitment to Change Dimension 2: Effective Application Dimension 3: Change-Ready Environment Validating Our Model Preliminary Findings & Ongoing Validation References Change – An Organisational Imperative The rate of change has increased drastically in recent years, […]

Six Change Management Principles For a Post-Pandemic World

“The only constant in life is change” …said Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher. Heraclitus observed that everything is in a state of flux, or constant change. “Cold things grow hot, the hot cools, the wet dries, the parched moistens.” 2020 revealed how true this is. Best-laid business plans were torn up while we focused on […]

A C-suite Guide to Building Organisational Change Capability

For many CEOs there is a substantial discrepancy between the need for change and the ability of their organisation to deliver it Introduction A ‘value gap’ is created by inadequate Organisational Change Management (OCM) capabilities The Business Case Building Internal Change Management Capability Conclusion Introduction Socially, politically and economically, businesses are facing profound shifts in […]

Is Your Organisation Suffering from Poor Change Leadership? Here’s what to look out for.

Are you struggling to get traction? Does it feel like you’re doing a lot of work but with little success? It may be because your organisation is suffering from weak change leadership.Here are three symptoms to look out for. 1.    Resistance While resistance is a normal human response to change, when entire teams are resisting […]

Want Your Organisation to be Great at Change? Do These Five Things Well

We often talk about what it means to excel at change—to be change capable. Today we’ll distil our change management research into a quick list. What does a change-capable organisation do really well? Drawing from our 20 years of fieldwork, here are five characteristics of a change-capable organisation. Here’s what you need to do well Organisations that are good at change consistently do these five things well: […]