The Secret Sauce of High-Performing Leaders: Do Less, Better

Regulatory change, customer transformation, a restructure, some precursor technology changes to enable the customer transformation…and an office restack to prepare for our (second!) return to the office. Whew. It sounds like a lot, but if you sit down with most Heads of Change or PMOs, it’s what you’ll hear. It’s not unusual for organisations to […]

How to Win the Balancing Act: Change Demand and Capacity Management

We’ve written previously about the importance of balancing organisational capacity for change with change demand. Organisations that fail to do this will stagnate and be poor competitors in the marketplace. Organisations that do it well will achieve greater ROI, implementation success rates, and achieve their strategic objectives. After all, our ability to execute organisational strategies quickly, […]

Avoid Overload by Improving Capacity for Change & Managing Demand

Every organisation seeking to implement major change must manage three key components, or risk areas, in the organisational change system: Organisational capacity for change Change demand risks Initiative-specific risks This article explores the impact of the first two – demand and capacity – on an organisation’s ability to implement their change initiatives. 1. Organisational capacity for change Organisational capacity for […]

Want Your Organisation to be Great at Change? Do These Five Things Well

We often talk about what it means to excel at change—to be change capable. Today we’ll distil our change management research into a quick list. What does a change-capable organisation do really well? Drawing from our 20 years of fieldwork, here are five characteristics of a change-capable organisation. Here’s what you need to do well Organisations that are good at change consistently do these five things well: […]

Level of Change in Business

At Change Synergy, we work with some of the region’s most progressive companies. A typical client has around 100 change initiatives happening at any one time. They tend to fall into three distinct categories. 1. Executive strategic, externally regulated or business improvement These are usually large, high profile, organisation-wide or multi-functional changes. They’re usually known about broadly […]

Is Change Fatigue an Excuse? Let’s Talk About Capacity and Capability Instead.

A major retailer set out to transform its business, aiming to leapfrog its competitors. To do that, they knew they needed to upgrade their foundational technology first. So they got started on the ‘must have’ technology projects, even though they had already started talking about transformation. Employees were confused – were they upgrading technology or […]