Planning a Transformation Program? Avoid These Blind Spots

Everyone wants to find new ways to grow and stay ahead. Organisations are asking how they can transform their business, products and services. They want to innovate and create amazing new customer experiences. Cue the ubiquitous transformation program. Whether it’s digital transformation, cultural transformation, structural transformation or all three, it seems that nearly every organisation has […]

The Secret Sauce of High-Performing Leaders: Do Less, Better

Regulatory change, customer transformation, a restructure, some precursor technology changes to enable the customer transformation…and an office restack to prepare for our (second!) return to the office. Whew. It sounds like a lot, but if you sit down with most Heads of Change or PMOs, it’s what you’ll hear. It’s not unusual for organisations to […]

How to Jumpstart Change Management in 10 Steps

In our experience, there are organisations with an aggressive project or transformation agenda that know that change management is necessary—everyone talks about it, so it must be important!—but they’re not sure what it actually means or looks like, or how to do it. via GIPHY These organisations typically fall into one of two categories: High […]

Characteristics of a truly Change Capable Organisation

Change – An Organisational Imperative Change has Changed Defining Change Capability A Holistic Model of Change Capability Dimension 1: Leadership Commitment to Change Dimension 2: Effective Application Dimension 3: Change-Ready Environment Validating Our Model Preliminary Findings & Ongoing Validation References Change – An Organisational Imperative The rate of change has increased drastically in recent years, […]

Level of Change in Business

At Change Synergy, we work with some of the region’s most progressive companies. A typical client has around 100 change initiatives happening at any one time. They tend to fall into three distinct categories. 1. Executive strategic, externally regulated or business improvement These are usually large, high profile, organisation-wide or multi-functional changes. They’re usually known about broadly […]