A proven change management methodology like PCI® creates an environment of sustained change and ultimately increases project success rates.

Changefirst’s People-Centred Implementation (PCI®) has helped over 175 organisations worldwide to deliver change more effectively by engaging people in the change process.

PCI® is built around 6 Critical Success Factors ( View Here ) that need to be addressed at both an organisational and local level to deliver effective change.

Learn PCI®

We offer the flexibility to learn PCI® ( Click here ) at one of our ‘action learning’ workshops for Project and Change Practitioners. You can then use the processes, planning and assessment tools, templates and other supporting resources to execute and track the people aspects of your change projects.

To get started with PCI®, download our Change Practitioner workshop brochure and view our Upcoming Workshops.

Learn more about our Virtual PCI® program below:

Virtual PCI®

Learn and apply a proven and systematic change management methodology (PCI®) quickly and to a high standard.

  •  PCI®, which stands for People-Centred Implementation, is recognized by Forrester Research as one of the top change methodologies used worldwide.
  • Use tried and tested change tools to gather and evaluate people-centred data, to help improve your change decisions.
  • Receive feedback and guidance to build and deploy

Action Learning Based Approach

During the program, participants:

  • Work on ‘live’ change projects
  • Create ‘real-time’ change plans to continue working on after the workshop
  • Build confidence to apply PCI® to future change projects

People-Centred Implementation (PCI®)

The People-Centred Implementation (PCI®) Public Workshop is for project and change managers who are looking to successfully implement major changes in their organisation but are hitting barriers such as poor sponsorship, low commitment and employee resistance.

Over the course of this 3 day programme participants will apply the PCI® tools, research and methodology to a live change project from their own organisation so that they can immediately apply the change implementation plans when they return to work.

PCI® has been used successfullyfor over 20 years

Used by over 30,000 change practitioners in 50 countries worldwide, it is based on nearly two decades of field research and ‘hands on’, practical application with clients. It describes 6 Critical Success Factors that individuals in organizations need to learn and master if they want to successfully execute change.

It is a systematic approach which enables project and change managers to:

  • create and share a compelling case for change that directs and motivates key people in your organization.
  • build a critical network of skilled change leaders who will provide direction, guidance and support for strategic change.
  • develop and implement the engagement processes needed to communicate with, involve, up-skill and reward people for their part in the delivery of change.
  • help local managers drive local deployment by building commitment, bridging skill gaps and crafting actions to support people though behavior change.

98.4% of respondents would recommend the PCI® workshop to their colleagues.Source: Changefirst’s ongoing research

Who Should attend?

  • Business change managers
  • Project and program managers
  • HR/OD/Learning & Development practitioners
  • Anyone who needs to deliver change projects

Dates & Locations for the next 3 day PCI® Public Change Management Workshop/s:

Virtual PCI  12 - 14 July 2022 (9am - 4pm Melbourne time)


For more information on how Change Synergy can help you implement change more effectively or to book a workshop please call or email us on:

T +61 (0) 417 399 358

What you will receive?

People-Centred Implementation (PCI®) practitioners receive a comprehensive program of:

  • Coaching and feedback from expert facilitators – former change executives who are not only experts in PCI®, but also in planning and implementing major change programs for global organizations.
  • A 12 month subscription to DiagnosticsPro, a comprehensive cloud-based dignostic toolkit fully loaded with:
    • Nine assessments to baseline and diagnose people-centred risks
    • A global database of over 600,000 data points to benchmark change data and decisions
  • Detailed workbook to follow during the workshop, plus copy of the book Managing Organizational Change, written by David Miller.

We can help build your change expertise. Direct from your desk.

Virtual Instructor-led Change Management Certification

Learn PCI®, our Forrester recognised change management methodology which provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach to organisational change – right from the comfort of your home or desk!

Our Virtual Change Management Practitioner Program is designed to work around your schedule with 6 highly interactive online modules spread over 3 days



12 - 14 July 2022 (9am - 4pm Melbourne time)


For more information download our information brochure

For more information download our information Brochures

If your organisation already has a preferred change management methodology, Change Synergy will work with you and your chosen methodology to build change capability in your organisation.

  • 6 Critical Success Factors


    Shared Change Purpose

    Create and share a compelling case for change that directs and motivates the people in the organisation – getting the urgency, buy-in and commitment you need.


    Effective Change Leadership

    Build a critical network of skilled change leaders who will be accountable for change execution providing direction, guidance and support for the change.


    Powerful Engagement Processes

    Develop and implement the processes needed to communicate with, involve, reward and up-skill your people in the development and execution of the change.


    Committed Local Sponsors

    Assist middle and front-line managers – who are pivotal to engaging the organisation – to support change implementation by providing them with the skills, tools and motivation to work with their people during the change roll-out.


    Strong Personal Connection

    Work with those managers to deliver personal already has a preferred change plans that help individuals change more effectively.


    Sustained Personal Performance

    Help people to adapt personally and individually to the change – minimising disruption, maximising performance and embedding the transition in a way that really sticks and ensures you continue to realise the benefits of change.

  • Learn PCI-f