Level of Change in Business

At Change Synergy, we work with some of the region’s most progressive companies.

A typical client has around 100 change initiatives happening at any one time. They tend to fall into three distinct categories.

1. Executive strategic, externally regulated or business improvement

These are usually large, high profile, organisation-wide or multi-functional changes. They’re usually known about broadly within the organisation, such as an ERP or a CRM implementation.

2. Business-unit specific changes

These are contained within and usually only known to the impacted business unit, such as new pricing or a new product launch.

3. Function-specific changes

This refers to a change in process or policy within a support function, such as a new budgeting process or a new system to manage leave and entitlements. The support function is directly impacted, as are other employees who use what’s being changed.

A common challenge is keeping track of all these changes and the impact they have.

We have some exciting work that will help, but we’d like to hear from you.

  • How does your organisation prioritise?
  • How does your organisation manage demand to ensure there is enough capacity for strategic imperatives?
  • What’s the mix of initiatives? What % are business imperatives?
  • How do you visualise the total change portfolio?
  • How much is too much? How do you know?

We’d love to hear how you answer these questions for your organisation!

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