Get the results you need – consistently – with an outcomes-focused, people-centred methodology that’s adaptable, repeatable and scalable

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When projects fail, it's often because we didn't focus enough on the people aspects.

Have you heard (or felt) this before:

  • “Oh no, we forgot about….”
  • “No one told me about…”
  • “They tried this three years ago; how will this time be different?”
  • “Who’s doing the comms?”

With a measurable, repeatable, people-centred process, you get:

  • Leaders leading change
  • Employees who are committed to working in a new way
  • Adoption and ROI

To succeed in today's fast-paced climate, everyone has a role to play in change.

From the C-suite to the front lines: change is a fundamental part of working life.

And whatever your role in the change equation, you can use PCI® to lead, plan, implement and track change that sticks.

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PCI® is outcomes-focused and puts people at the centre.

It’s made up of six critical success factors, each one named for an outcome needed for change to stick.

Who’s it for?
  • Executives
  • People Leaders
  • Change practitioners
  • Project professionals
  • Human Resources specialists
  • Communications specialists
  • All employees

30 +
30+ years of change management research
40k +
40,000+ people certified and trained worldwide
50 +
Used in over 50 countries around the world
300 +
Used in over 300 organisations around the world
We developed leaders across the business

We didn't have a structured change management framework, and we wanted to build change management capability across the organisation to ensure our initiatives were sustainable.

By adopting PCI® as our change management framework, we developed our leaders across the business. We started with an accreditation workshop to skill up internal change agents. We then held a half-day workshop with our senior leaders to gain buy-in and refresh their skills in leading change.

Now, we use PCI® to implement our change initiatives successfully, and we have a consistent language and process.

Georgegina, Global Director People

A significant shift our organisation's change capability

Our organisation's change capability was low and we struggled to apply a consistent method and approach to supporting our end to end change projects.

By partnering with Change Synergy we were able to understand leading practice, define a preferred methodology in PCI® and develop a group of enthusiastic and engaged change practitioners to utlise on our critical programs.

While there's always more we can do to improve, we have seen a really significant shift in our organisation's change capability. Our people can now experience the support that good change management brings and they have an appetite for more of it.

David, Change Management Lead

Here's the truth: change management is an art and a science

Without the science, change is implemented haphazardly and inconsistently.

Without the art, it's difficult to motivate people to work in a new way, so the change fails.

That's why you need: a research-backed process to follow and the art, or the skill, to apply it flexibly.

This is true, too: change isn’t linear.

So you need a flexible, iterative approach that reflects the reality of implementation.

An approach that isn’t set and forget; you’re constantly tracking, tweaking and adjusting.


Forget "hit or miss" and get measurable, repeatable, consistent results

You’ve seen it before: one project team does all the right things (and gets results) and another team misses key steps.

A change management methodology used correctly and applied consistently means no more guesswork and “hit or miss.”

That’s because, thanks to you, your teams have a flexible, repeatable, scalable framework to follow.


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BUT - a framework means more than just tools and templates!

When you use PCI® correctly and consistently:

  • Your employees are more adaptable because they know change will be delivered consistently
  • There is less resistance because people know what’s expected of them
  • Your executives are brilliant leaders of change, because they’ve been prepared and supported
  • Your project and change teams support your leaders to lead change
  • You get adoption and the ROI you need

There are lots of change management methodologies out there. Here's what makes PCI® unique.

Other methodologies
Designed to be used by everyone
Designed for project or change management professionals
Targeted learning for all stakeholder groups
Fewer learning options
Integrates with all project management methodologies, including Agile
Developed for traditional project management methodologies, i.e. waterfall
Sophisticated tools to track progress and measure success
Fewer assessment tools
“Excellent for all who manage or take a leadership role in change, including Sponsors.”
– Melanie, Project Manager
Let's talk about using PCI® for your next change

Finally, you can make decisions based on data, not gut feel

PCI® comes with nine assessments to track your progress and know your likelihood of success.

You can measure and therefore manage:

  • Change impacts
  • Change legacy
  • Change readiness
  • Sponsor effectiveness
  • Change agent effectiveness
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Resistance

Use PCI® to close the 'value gap'

There’s often a big difference between the business case or ROI that is predicted and the value that’s achieved when the change is delivered.

We call this the value gap.

PCI® helps you to close this value gap by:

  • Overcoming “solution” mindset and focusing on the bigger need, which is to change how people work
  • Rightsizing your change management approach so that it’s appropriate for the change challenge
  • Matching what your organisation needs with what people can absorb

PCI® complements and aligns with any project management methodology

  • Do you use Agile? Excellent.
  • Waterfall? No problem.
  • Something in between? That’s fine too.
We’ll map PCI® to your project managment methdology and give you all the templates you need for repeatable, scalable change.
Already awash in templates? No problem either.

We can review and adjust what you already have.

This includes reporting, stage gates and Steering Committee packs, reducing rework for your teams.

Leader-led change

Where the methodology really excels is that it grounds itself in leader-led change, supported by experienced change management practitioners.

I was Program Director for a major transformation project, and we used PCI exclusively. It really helped the PMO to keep track of where we were in the change process and understand our change readiness at every step along the way and it was reassuring to the steering committee.

Janelle, Chief People Officer

Applicable to all aspects of business

PCI® is applicable across all aspects of business, with the key focus on your biggest asset....your people!

– Jane, Head of Human Resources


It's all-encompassing and gives you an amazing toolkit.

– Jen, Change Lead

Better than other change programs

The PCI® tools are incredibly practical and helpful. They're better than other change programs I have completed.

– Lara, Change Manager

Great framework and tools for change.

– Pia, Learning & Development Specialist

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