Congratulations: you've already made a great investment.

You’ve learned the best method there is to lead, plan, implement and track organisational change.

Now, you need excellent project outcomes—but your team is still on their training wheels.

Imagine if you could get results faster. Imagine if you could fast-track your mastery of PCI® and get better results with support and guidance from a PCI® expert.

The coaching advantage

You’re in a great place with PCI®. But mastery takes time, and you have critically important changes that need to be delivered—now.

Combine all the steps, tools and tactics in PCI®—which you have!—with personal access to a PCI® expert and all their experience, and you get the coaching advantage.

When you work with us, you get personal, tailored coaching to get from where you are now to where you need to be.

Expect insightful feedback, action plans, and accountability to get moving— fast!—in the right direction.

We can help you to....

  • Turn your business case into compelling messages that get people listening
  • Figure out who’s critically important to your change’s success—so you can get them onside, now
  • Strategise tactics and activities that build actual commitment for your change
  • Prepare for tricky conversations with Sponsors
  • Prepare leaders to lead change
  • Identify what to measure and when, and how to get data without overwhelming your stakeholders
  • Recruit a network of change agents to create real traction for your change
  • Get a change back on track by identifying what isn’t working, and how to fix it
Your Coach

Ian Roughsedge

Ian is a consultant, coach, PCI® expert and the founder and Managing Director of Change Synergy. He’s been turning strategy into results and developing change leaders for the last 30 years.

Fantastic support

Change Synergy is providing fantastic support for my role as Change Manager on a complex programme of work. The PCI® tools are useful and coaching provides an ongoing sounding board.

Change Synergy has been instrumental in growing the Change Management capability within ARTC and I’m excited to see progress in the journey from a culture of installation to implementation.

Vincent, Change Manager

A really good pilot

Working with Change Synergy is like having a really good pilot on board the aircraft guiding the team whilst they learn how to fly the craft themselves.

- Human Resources Director, FMCG

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