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The pivotal questions you ask yourself when you’re starting any change project:

Do I actually know what I’m doing?

Am I doing this the best way?

It’s pivotal because, after you ask yourself that, you’ll do one of two things.

  • Worry, and then fall back on old habits (which haven’t worked all that well).
  • Confidently answer, “yes,” and then start influencing, coaching, planning and tracking for change success.


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If you...

  • Feel challenged when an executive tells you to just “make it happen” because it’s “just a straightforward technology change”
  • Struggle to measure or demonstrate the value of good change practice – and your worth
  • Spend too much time in PowerPoint and not enough time influencing, coaching, guiding – in other words, taking action
  • Feel like you’re starting from scratch each time you take on a new change
  • Spend hours looking for or recreating the perfect template

Then you need a measurable, repeatable process to lead, plan, implement and track change that sticks.

The most successful change practitioners know that what people see...

…the learning programs that lead to ah-hah moments, the consultation sessions that end in breakthroughs, the barbeques where leaders casually mingle with employees, demonstrating openness – is the result of a methodical process.

A process that ensures you understand what will get employees to:

  • Hear what’s changing
  • Understand what it means for them
  • Take the action you need them to take
  • Work through any personal concerns
  • Commit to a new way of working
  • And do it all again

Quite frankly, this can feel…hard.

But there’s no better way to learn than through doing.

I'm ready to learn PCI®
Do it!

It's a decision you won't regret.

– Ellen, Head of Enterprise Change

Everyone should do this program.

No matter what role they're in.

Caitlin, People Experience Advisor

Honestly the whole thing was brilliant.

Materials were great and our facilitator was so good at engaging us. Definitely do it.

– Claire, Project Manager

Using data, not guesses

“The diagnostics are brilliant. I love that they’re based on research, measurable and comparable.”

– Joss, Project Manager

The interactive format allowed us to challenge our ideas and understanding and truly learn from each other.

– Brad, Contract & Governance Professional

The PCI® Practitioner Program is for busy professionals who need to execute now.

Who need the tools, a process, and the confidence to make change happen.

Who need the change management training program that 98% of participants would recommend to their colleagues.

Day 1

  • Influence leaders to commit time and resources using business language, not fluffy change speak
  • Establish the right working relationship with your Sponsor
  • Gather all the information, access and data you need to kick-start your change

Day 2

  • All about change leadership – why it’s essential and how to prepare leaders at all levels for their roles
  • Build your engagement strategy using four levers (change is more than just training and communications!)
  • Use data to track your progress

Day 3

  • Build commitment for change by making it personal to your audience
  • How to manage resistance and make change sustainable
  • Bring it all together with a case study where you use PCI® to save a business (it isn’t made up, it actually happened!)

Along with certification in a Forrester-recognised* change management methodology, you get:

  • Program workbook, handouts and templates you can use again and again
  • Successful Change by David Miller, creator of PCI®
  • A one-year subscription to our digital tools and content, including:
    • DiagnosticsPro, with nine risk-based assessments to measure and track change progress, with charts, scoring and mitigation strategies
    • A PCI® Change Execution Guide that tells you step-by-step what to do, why it’s important, and hints and tips
    • Research that underpins PCI®
  • Coaching and support from a PCI® expert
  • A new or expanded network of change practitioners

*This means PCI® is one of the top change management methodologies worldwide.

You get resources, templates, and diagnostics to help you plan, implement, measure and track any change – including…

  • Technology change
  • Culture change
  • Continuous improvement
  • Organisational transformation
  • Restructuring
  • Introducing a new change management or project management methodology, or establishing a Change Management Office (CMO)


It's true: you can’t fully take the risk out of change and transformation.

But you can use data to choose the right risk management strategy. To accelerate delivery and sustain results.

With your DiagnosticsPro subscription, you can measure and track:

  • Progress
  • Change impacts
  • Change legacy
  • Change readiness
  • Sponsor effectiveness
  • Change agent effectiveness
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Resistance

Plus, inside the PCI® Change Execution Guide, you get step-by-step guidance for things we don’t cover in the PCI® Practitioner Program.

(Because you can only do so much in three days.)

The PCI® Change Execution Guide tells you how to:

  • Size your change effort
  • Guide leaders to co-create an elevator speech
  • Test that elevator speech using the “hot seat” technique
  • Run a change network mapping workshop
  • Kick-off your change agent network
Business People Meeting Conference Discussion Corporate Concept
Your facilitators

Learn from PCI® experts who have planned and led changes in ASX top 20 companies and the public sector.

Ian Roughsedge

Ian is a strategic advisor, consultant, coach, master PCI® facilitator and the founder and Managing Director of Change Synergy. He’s been turning strategy into results and developing change leaders for the last 30 years.

Valda Lavoiepierre

Valda is a leader, change practitioner, consultant, facilitator and coach. She first met PCI® in 2013 and has been using, teaching, and advocating for it ever since.

Here’s the truth: Organisational change has a direct impact on results. Outcomes. ROI.

Change management is the bridge between installing a change – just getting it in – and implementing change – meaning people are committed and starting to change their behaviour.

How much is this worth to you?
  • Communications that get people listening
  • A true partnership relationship with your Sponsor and Program/Project Manager
  • Data that tells your executives exactly what they need to know
  • Templates you can use again and again
  • Confidence that you know what you’re doing – because you do. And if things change, you’re prepared for that too.
Young woman having a virtual meeting in video call with her team - Focus on right hand
Ipad on the table

And, when the benefits are measured and you’ve knocked it out of the park…and execs say, “it’s the smoothest implementation I’ve ever seen…”

You have the skills, technique and confidence to do it all again.

PCI® Practitioner Program
It’s all-encompassing.

And gives you an amazing toolkit!

– Jen, Change Lead

Excellent program.

A must-have for anyone implementing projects.

– Jo, Customer Management Office

What did I enjoy the most?

The delivery / learning / break-outs / and the facilitator who was polished, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and inclusive in delivery and actions!”

– Sam, People & Culture Development Advisor


– Sonia, Business Support Office

I loved the program and learning materials.

It was easy to understand, and I can see how I can apply this to my role. Becoming certified is very important to me, as it is the next step in my career journey to move into a more transformational change communication role.

– Michelle, Corporate Communications Manager

Whether you’re investing for yourself or your team, we know it’s a big decision.

If you’re serious about the program but want to know if it’s right for you – let’s chat.

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