Top tips for leading through disruption

Here are some great tips from the author of Disruption by Design – Gihan Perera.

This information provided courtesy of an interview conducted with The Growth Faculty  

My personal favourite is to measure outputs and outcomes for a distributed workforce – not inputs and processes.

  • In a real crisis like this, accept it’s normal to feel anxiety, stress, worry.
  • From credible sources assess the risks then make Plan A, and a Plan B for possible changes that may require you to pivot your business.    
  • Measure outputs and outcomes of your distributed workforce – not inputs and processes. 
  • Tap into the Gen Ys and the Gen Zs in your company. They love change. They love disruption.
  • Staff may want to continue to work from home when all is back to ‘normal’ so be proactive on the front foot and lead the change. 
  • Book recommendation? Decisive – How to Make Better Decisions by Chip and Dan Heath.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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