Want Your Organisation to be Great at Change? Do These Five Things Well

We often talk about what it means to excel at change—to be change capable.

Today we’ll distil our change management research into a quick list. What does a change-capable organisation do really well?

Drawing from our 20 years of fieldwork, here are five characteristics of a change-capable organisation.

Here’s what you need to do well

Organisations that are good at change consistently do these five things well:

  1. Employees have a shared language of change, are excited by it, and consider it an integral part of their jobs
  2. They manage the pressures of change, in particular change capacity, while meeting and exceeding expectations
  3. Their chosen methodology is supported by the necessary infrastructure and used consistently in all projects
  4. Change management is integrated into project management and associated improvement processes, with its impact measured as returns on investment
  5. Finally, change management has an observable impact on organisational effectiveness
5 things your org needs to be great at change

Put even more simply

Organisations that excel at change THINK differently and INVEST differently. Their organisational mindset and behaviours are conducive to change, and they embed processes and develop capabilities so their people are empowered to act.

Ready to get started?

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