Are you realising the benefits from your change agenda?

We are excited to announce new dates for our hugely successful Virtual Instructor-led PCI® Practitioner Program!

Learn PCI®, our Forrester recognised change management methodology which provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach to organisational change.

Our Virtual PCI® Practitioner Program is designed to work around your schedule with 6 highly interactive online modules spread over 3 days. 

This program is designed to give you the Change Management skills, tools and credibility you need to deliver major change – all from the comfort of your home or desk!

The benefits of the program include:


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Build your capability & your credibilityLearn how to plan and deliver major organisational change using a robust, well-researched Change Management methodology. Highly interactive & instructor-ledBenefit from interactive and expert facilitation, execution guidance and coaching from our highly experienced instructors. Leave the program with your planLearn by doing. Apply processes and tools to a real change situation to build a detailed change management plan.
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Access to the tools you need to be successfulIncluding 36 learning & support videos, 25 step-by-step visual guides, 9 multi-lingual data tools & 450+ practical change actions. Safe, cost-effective & quick to completeComplete our program safely from your home. No need to risk travelling. Earn an industry recognised certificationBoost your CV and become fluent in a highly effective and agile approach to delivering change outcomes.

Dramatically improve your ability to implement change by joining us at our Virtual PCI® Practitioner Program and gain access to our revolutionary digital change management application – Roadmap Pro.

You can learn more here.



21st – 23rd July 2020 (9am – 4pm AEST)



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