Anchored in its purpose, T2 uses PCI® to create stability and help people thrive in uncertainty

T2 knows that, like its teas, its people are a unique blend.

Having experienced one of the largest changes we’ll ever go through (the covid-19 pandemic!), T2 sought to provide stability, safety, trust, inclusivity, confidence and empowerment regarding change.

What they did

Always anchored by its purpose – people, product and planet – in 2021, T2 sought feedback from its people and heard that they needed help navigating change.

T2’s Global Director People, Georgegina Poulos, and her team understood that to do this, they needed to create stability and build change capability across the organisation.

Having worked with us before, Georgegina was confident PCI® was the right fit for T2, but she wanted to build that confidence in others.

What they did

  • Identified cross-functional influential leaders to be the first cohort of PCI® Practitioners
  • Once certified, they set up a learning circle to provide a space for ongoing learning, growth and support
  • Developed a tailored, blending learning solution for the rest of T2, called T2 Changemaker, and delivered it to critical roles across the organisation (more than 150 people in total!)
  • Established a resource library with learning, templates, dedicated change agents, and best practice material
  • Created a system to assign a change agent to support new initiatives

What we did

  • Developed a tailored program for T2
  • Led a 4-hour Leading My Team Through Change masterclass to reveal the link between good change practice and benefits realisation, clarify the change leader’s role, and identify tactics to become active and visible leaders of change
  • Certified their pilot leaders in PCI®

The results, one year later

  • PCI® is how T2 does change. It’s their change management framework, language and roles, with an integrated system and training
  • They’ve successfully delivered five+ projects (and counting!) using the new framework
  • Over 150 team members have completed T2 Changemaker
  • T2 team members trust that change will be managed in a way that is respectful and purposeful
  • T2 Changemaker is a core program that all new leaders, committee members and other key roles will complete
  • They’re leveraging this success and creating T2 Coachmaker and T2 Storyteller – all programs helping people to lead, manage and thrive through change in uncertain times

“We have just and still are experiencing one of the most significant changes we’ll ever go through as individuals, organisations and communities. There has been so much change that we have had no choice but to adapt, which puts stress on our people.

After a lot of listening, we developed T2 Changemaker to create the stability our people needed, and to build confidence and trust that while change is ongoing, it will be managed consistently, respectfully and with purpose.

I’ve worked with Ian in two other organisations so I was confident PCI® was the right framework for us.”

-Georgegina Poulos, Global Director People

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